Sunday, March 24, 2013

# All About Bunda # All About Coretan

I'm not a dreamer but i'm a dream maker !!!


Such along time now back blogging again and typing agin and Curcol again, and and and many thing agin :)
As a tittle above i just want my dream become real not only in my dream world but on my real life for sure, as my husband said that if u want that happen u must try hard to get it but in a good way not in a bad way. Yup remember about "Manjadda Wajadda",is an arabian motto which is means  “…Someone who are really serious and persistent about his/her dreams, will succeed….” That word really has a deep meaning in my life, but sometime hard to explore yup in real life me hihih me (*Blushing) sometime has a laziness attitude sometimes loh :)not always. 
Many thing that i want to make it real but can tell here cos its a secret and its goal in my life hehehehe,as ahousewife, a mother  i really have many activities all day, from watching my daughter Yup Evo, she is now 1 year 8 months, and she is really active as a girl she is like a boy really plucky hehehehe sometimes naughty yes as a children, and running 2 business, 1 is my first business TAMAnet, and the second is Evo Bubble Mini Cafe :) fuuihhh such a busy woman *Sombong yeeee ... Ssttt one more business i want is having online shop or a real shop maybe hijab store or gift store hehehehe its include on my dream hehehehe 

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