Sunday, August 14, 2016

# Coretanku

Ulang Tahun Si Abang

Hari ini saat bahagia untukmu 
Bertambah 1 tahun usiamu
Kunyanyikan sebuah lagu
Agar istimewa harimu
Happy birthday to you 
Happy birthday to you
 Happy birthday to you
Not much to say to you my dearest son, when u born i never thought that you will become a great son that i ever had, never complain about everything u had, you always cheer up my day, made it seem beautiful and nice.
That day 13 August 2006, was a very unforgettable moment, always miss your smile every time i see your picture, remember when we go out together and make all people jealous with our togetherness... Oh Miss that day...
But now your age 10th, you still spoiled, and always hugging me when ur sister not around, you have a humble smile, but a little bit lelet (slow) ... more than that u always in my heart and i will make u happy.
Once more Happy birthday to you my guardian angel, my sweet black potato, Love you to the moon and back ... 


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